With the immense pleasure, I welcome you the Mishri Shikshan Prasarak Mandal where dreams come true!!!

Comprehensive campus experience - We believe the best education involves a broad and diverse set of experiences, in and out of the classroom.

Honesty - We believe we are an institution of public trust, and as such must act with complete integrity in all matters.

Knowledge is valuable - We believe knowledge is indispensable to living a full life.

Collegial environment - We believe people rise to their highest achievements in an environment of openness and collaboration.

Change - We believe adapting to our ever-changing world is an essential result of education and must be an essential characteristic of this college.

Keep on learning - We believe in the importance and value of life-long learning.

Safety - We believe teaching and learning needs to occur in an environment that is physically, spiritually, and intellectually safe.

College & Community are mutually dependent - We believe that the college exists to serve the community and both share responsibility for each other’s success.

Rigor - We believe in high expectations and accountability for all involved in education.

Learning Styles - We believe people learn differently and should participate in a variety of learning opportunities.
Faith & Family - We believe believe faith and family are foundation to our society.

Student effort/engagement - We believe an education must be earned through dedication, engagement and self-sacrifice.

Creativity/innovation - We believe people are most productive and fulfilled in an environment with maximum flexibility and encouragement for creativity.

Students study at MSPM for a broad variety of reasons. Many have no intention of graduating, but rather seek particular skills, college credits or other outcomes. However, we desire to have the following impact on all of our students. We will have the best opportunity to achieve these aspirations in the lives of those students who pursue an entire degree or certificate, completing a coherent curriculum and the educational experiences provided across the spectrum of courses.

Reading, writing, thinking, tech skills - Graduates will possess various learning skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world and will be able to flexibly utilize them.

Relevant education - Graduates will leave with an education that improves their lives.

Globalization - Graduates will be able to compete in a multi-cultural global economy.

Student engagement - Graduates will have actively participated in their own education.

Social Responsibility - Graduates will become valuable contributors to their communities and society.

Hands-on learning - We will provide our students with opportunities for real world experience.

End participation in federal financial aid - We will partner with the community to assure students can complete a degree debt-free

Intensive and pervasive learning focus - We will ensure that the achievement of learning is the central purpose of all relationships we foster within the college community

Globalization - We will build intentional connections between our college and the rest of the world that will better equip our students to succeed in a multicultural global economy.

Creative instruction - We will provide consistently high quality and engaging instruction appropriately supported by the rest of the college.

Student Engagement - We will create highly-engaging environments for students in all programs.

“Greening” of campus & lifestyles - We will consistently encourage a college lifestyle that is healthy and environmentally sustainable.

Extensive/Intensive Marketing - We will earn a reputation for unique educational experiences.